The Long Return

Bob Porter's Story of the War Years...


Bob Porter was a Bomb Aimer in a Lancaster bomber, that exploded at 22,000 feet. He and the engineer were the only survivors. After spending seven months in the Dutch underground, he was captured in civilian clothes, and put in a concentration camp.

Three months later he was jailed in a Prisoner Of War camp. He and his companions marched and travelled in box-cars to southern Germany. The RCAF listed Bob as being missing in action for eleven months. His family did not know if he was dead or alive.

After many harrowing experiences, Bob Porter finally returned to England. The Long Return brings you an unforgettable account of one man's journey through World War 2 and the amazing Dutch people he encountered.

The last chapter follows all these people fifty years later.

Bob Porter passed away on April 22, 2009. There are still some copies of his book available. If you would like a copy please mail:

Shelley Porter
6128 Boundary Drive East
Surrey, BC V3X 2C5
Telephone: 604-597-7965

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